The Top 5 Reasons To Visit Hawaii Islands

If you ask most people what their dream destination is, almost anyone will tell it’s Hawaii. Each year more than 8 million of tourists visit this place, and 60% of them come from the U.S. They spend here at least ten days and leave almost 14 billion dollars, which is a huge revenue for Hawaii. So, why so many people come here? We are going to give you some reason to head toward this part of the world and experience the best vacation in your life.

The weather

Visit Hawaii IslandsWeather conditions can significantly affect your vacation; they can ruin it, or make it the best. The good news is that Hawaii has the best weather on the earth. While during the summer comes a drier period and during the winter a rainy period, the temperature remains the same. The rain makes this island so green and lush; almost every day you can see the sun shining here. When the winds are blowing, the cool breeze is perfect for hot day to give you some refreshment.

The people

This is an important part of every vacation; you need to feel welcomed and accepted and Hawaiian people certainly love visitors. One of the reason is probably tourism, they consider it very seriously, considering this is the major part if their economy. Almost every family has someone employed in his branch. The other reason is that they promote the true aloha spirit and tourists who come here get mesmerized with it.

The culture

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. where everyone is a minority. Here you can find a vast diversity of people, which includes their cultures and heritage. Many of these nations were brought here to work on plantations of sugar and pineapples that once were a major part of Hawaiian economy and income. Today most residents of Hawaii have ancestry from two or more races, which is a unique appearance. When visiting these islands, you will have the opportunity to explore their culture and meet their customs.

The beaches

Visit Hawaii Islands
White sand, clear water, warm weather are only some of the reasons why many people come here. The beautiful beaches and stunning coastline will take your breath away, together with dreamy and romantic sunsets. Here you can visit more than 400 beaches and enjoy the fresh greenery. The waves are often unpredictable, so proceed with caution when going into the ocean.

The volcanoes

Surely Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are the most famous active volcanoes on the earth. They shape the look of the entire island and make it so stunning. Visiting them will be one in the lifetime opportunity. You will have a chance to see fresh lava coming out of them and disappearing into the ocean.